Cabin Fever Catskill Campout Youth, & Baby Tees

DOONYAYA/Cabin Fever collaboration


As a child, Dunja watched her mother make art in a small upstate New York studio. Sitting by her side on those long afternoons, she drew images from the world around her: flowers, leaves, street signs, and even traffic cones…anything that piqued her interest. Those early years set the stage for Doonyaya.

Each design is individually screen printed onto super-soft fabrics in an old barn in Upstate, NY, and is based on the wild and crazy escapades Dunja and her son experience living in a farmhouse tucked deep in the woods.

Have you ever seen a coyote hunting for prey, or beavers building a dam? At Doonyaya, we have! This inspiration and love for adventure goes into creating these limited-run works of art. When we’re not out scouting nature for ideas, we are rocking out to crazy riffs and jamming on our vintage keyboard and mini Fender. That’s probably why you’ll see a classic music influence in the line.

While our two great loves are sweet tunes and wildlife, we care about all of humanity. Doonyaya only uses eco-friendly inks and fair-trade garments made in the USA, and that's why 10% of our proceeds go to charities that focus on both humanitarian and animal rights.

We hope you enjoy rocking these whimsical, snazzy threads.
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