Time Bell Candle Holder

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Comes with two beeswax candles, three pins and a candle chipper. Enjoy the bell sound and the light of candle as time passes by.

The Time Bell Candle set is made from solid brass. Each piece is handmade, hand casted, and hand finished by techniques passed down over 400 years. Each set includes 2 beeswax candles, 3 brass pins, a brass candle holder dish and a candle chipper to remove wax from the dish after each burn. Simply insert the brass pins into the candle, as the candle melts the pins will fall into the brass plate creating a clear and soothing sound. Inspired by bells used in medieval monasteries in Europe, the time bell candles are perfect for meditation and yoga. Made in Japan Dimensions: 9.25"H x 4.75"Dia GW: 19.0oz Materials: Brass(copper 60%, zinc 40%), Beeswax Notice: Never polish with a metal cleaner or metallic sponge. Maintenance: Remove leftover wax with a candle chipper./Wipe off dirt with a soft cloth after use./Wash with a mild detergent using a soft sponge as needed.