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Rustek Collective - SherpTek 100% Merino Wool 'Sherpa' Beanie: Black

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The only sherpa beanies made from 100% merino wool, not plastic. These thick, ultra soft beanies may be the coziest beanies ever made. Knit in the USA from 100% US raised merino wool, you've never felt a beanie like this before. The fuzzy goodness of sherpa fleece meets the sweat wicking, temperature regulating magic of merino wool to keep you warm and dry, and smiling all winter long. SherpTek beanies are made from 100% ethically and sustainably sourced natural materials. Once you put this on, you may never go back to regular beanies. You've been warned. SherpTek fleece was originally developed for the military to create non melting insulation for the harshest, most dangerous conditions on earth. So not only are these beanies soft and warm, they're literally military grade.