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Mountaineers Books - A Woman's Place Is in the Wild: Deck of 52 Playing Cards

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-Full set of playing cards includes box insert with mini-bios of these amazing women -Perfect stocking-stuffer for women and girls -Numbered cards feature icons of wilderness Fully illustrated by award-winning artist Sharisse Steber, A Woman’s Place Is in the Wild is a fun, colorful deck of cards that highlights and celebrates female outdoor adventurers. Each of the royal, or "face," cards features a portrait of an accomplished female outdoor athlete, including: Elsye "Chardonnay" Walker – first Black woman to hike the Triple Crown Grandma Gatewood – ultralight hiking pioneer becca Rusch – mountain biker and ultra-endurance athlete Junko Tabei – first woman to summit Mount Everest Betty Soskin – oldest active National Park Service Ranger