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The Gro knife is created to make your with nature grow. A classic Scandinavian style knife shaped with and invitation to the outdoors. Something we believe will make anyone grow.

The Gro knife is a medium size tool with the intention to fill the gap between the Spire and the rest of the Helle line of tools. The birch wood handle has been shaped and sanded by our craftsmen and women to ints final shape and dyed dark. 

The shape is intended to offer a secure grip, without limiting the user but allowing him or her to develop caraving techniques and grow as a knife user.

The blade is a classic scandi grind made of Sandvik 12C27 steel. Helle sharp right out of the box.


Specifications                     Gro
Blade material:                   Sandvik 12C27
Blade thickness:                3,0mm
Blade length:                      93mm
Blade construction:          Stick tang
Handle:                              Dark colored Birch
Handle length:                  105 mm
Sheath:                             Natural colored high-quality leather
Design by:                        Helle team
Design year:                     2021


When we started the development of the Spire and Gro knifes our focus was to make a group of knives for a younger generation of knife users. A knife we use when passing the knowledge on how to use a knife to our children as they're first tools, and none of our kids wanted a “kid’s knife” so it had to be the real thing.

As the old sign goes, "To learn to use a tool, you need a proper tool to work with". Knives are no exception. And learning to know something is best done through interaction. Our two new knives – Gro and Spire – take these simple realizations seriously.

We believe that teaching and learning about nature and life in tune with it is exptremely important. To the extent that

Letting kids use a knife is for some controversial and may feel scary. Learning to use knives for what they are intended to be used for is part of our tradition and will remain so. Learning to use a tool should always be done with supervision. 

The two sibling knives are similar in material, quality and straight forward design. They differ in size and quickly became a favorite project in the design team for its small package and usability. Functional for all size hands, small or big, young or old, and the bigger knife for bigger tasks. Both equally useful and a great set of knives for anyone – Beginner or not! Anyone wo wants to be introduced to the joy of using a proper tool in the outdoors.